SPECIAL DEAL: 3 Surgical Mask + 1 Nanion Spray

RM366.00 RM200.00

2 box surgical Mask + 1 bottle Nanion Eliminate Bacteria Spray



3 boxes Surgical Mask + 1 Nanion Spray

3boxes surgical mask
Got medical CE certificate, got machine certificate
Type II grade
Better filter BFE % >98
PA <14.2
ASTM level 2
For frontline, more exposure better protection.

Nanion is a water based Photocatalyst product formulated with and it is very effective to kill bacteria & germs.

Product details :

  • Water-based solution
  • Uses nano Photocatalyst
  • Eliminate 99.9% bacteria upon contact
  • Self sterilisation function when expose to light
  • 60ml can press upto 300 times
  • For surface can last 60 days, for hand can last 4 to 6 hours

Made in Malaysia

Invention by Universiti Malaya Laboratory

Instock. Deliver in 3 working days

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