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Types of Dining Table in Malaysia

Having difficulties in selecting the suitable central piece for your dining room?

One of the crucial decisions that is too hard to decide is “What kind of dining set to go for?” and choosing from the different materials, sizes, and shapes is also vital.

In fact, picking matching chairs is not an issue these days because the central piece of a dining table usually comes with a pre-existing set of chairs.

There were times back in the days where selecting a high-quality dining table is not a hurdle. However, worry not as this article will provide you a complete guide in purchasing the best dining table.

Classic Rectangular

This shape of dining table is relatively simple and by far the most popular amongst others. A rectangular dining table is primarily loved by the general consumers due to its form and functionality; practically versatile as it can be pushed against the wall if there is a limited space.

Besides that, a rectangular dining table is usually marketed in Malaysia for its attractiveness in bringing the ‘best of both worlds’.

The table also offers high-quality visuals with clean and clear straight lines while attending to every needs perfectly. Fitting it with eight-seaters or more, it is suitable for offices and discussion rooms while fitting it with six-seaters or more, it is ideal as a dining central piece to every house.

Round Table

In some circumstances, round and oval dining tables are the usual favorites for dining in compact spaces like a small dining room. They can even be used as a simple decoration in the living hall; it gives out the message of warm welcomes, social and comfort.

In addition, round and oval tables aid in creating an intimate setting with its iconic circular feature with pedestal legs.

A round table is a good option for the need of six-seaters or less. However, round tables are not advisable to be used for discussions or meeting rooms as it makes conversations inconvenient.

Besides that, round tables have their own uniqueness and attractiveness. By adding a chandelier above the table, combined with plush chairs; these roundtables can create the perfect warm romantic setting with style.


A square dining table is the least-preferred option. Not only that, it is seldom for designers to add this kind of table into their collection. In fact, large square tables make serving a hassle as they are usually used for four to six seaters.

However, square tables do look attractive in long and narrows rooms. It is because square tables offer a sense of proper proportion which can sync up with a carpet to create a space in such ‘room within a room’ mood.

What is Your Favorite Dining Table Style in Malaysia?

To create an attractive, first-class and unique dining room, it is all about getting the theme and style right. Hence, it is important to consider for an open floor plan. This will help in selecting the best table to your dining room, making sure the dining area acts as a natural extension of the living area.

On top of that, selecting a suitable set of table ultimately depends on personal preferences. In fact, regardless of the pros and cons of each pieces, finding a piece that the individual enjoys is the primary deciding factor.

Besides, there are many spectacular dining sets out there in the market, thus it is important to make decision slowly and select the most appropriate dining table.

If there are any issues regarding the table selections or style requests, feel free to CONTACT US.