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Checklist of Essential Furnitures for Your New Home

Just moved in to a new house? Want to buy new furnitures but don’t want to splurge too much? Struggling on deciding the type of furniture that is essential for your house? We, a Malaysian furniture provider will supply you with a wide variety of furnitures that you can choose from, according to your likings. Throughout this article, you will learn on what is necessary for your house and what is to avoid. Let’s be a smart house owner.

One of the essential furnitures for the living room is a place to sit. Well, open houses in Malaysia is a very common thing and you are not going to let your guests to sit on the floor, right? Hence, a sofa is a must, along with some chairs that match with the theme of the sofa.

Not only that, you mostly need a TV for entertainment as well. Therefore, a TV table is what you need. Curtains are good too as they provide you with privacy and prevent light overexposure in your house during daytime.

Apart from that, get yourself a small side table too. It will be the best space for you to place your things, at the same time make your living room look neat. Other furnitures that are decorative are all optional depending on your capability.

You will spend most of your time inside your bedroom and you want to ensure that you have a good sleep right? The furniture Malaysia that you at least need to get for your bedroom are definitely a bed, bedsheet, pillow, and blankets. These are the main essentials you must get for your room to be considered a bedroom. Size of the bed do not matter as long as you feel comfortable during sleep.

You also need a storage for you to put all the clothes and shirts neatly. Therefore, consider a wardrobe or sideboard cabinet to put all your clothes in. Feel free to browse our catalogue. We provide you a wide range of wardrobe and sideboard cabinets available in the Malaysian market.

Another important room in your house is your kitchen. Not only it is used for eating, it is also a place for family bonding where you and your family can sit together and have a sharing session. All you need for your kitchen are a dining table and chairs, cookwares, tablewares and other kitchenwares necessary.

Well, if you don’t plan on cooking at home, you are free to not purchase any cookwares for your kitchen. However, a dining table set with chairs, utensils, and tablewares are still a must for your kitchen.

Aside from the furnitures mentioned above, one thing you that can’t forget is your lighting. Different kind of lighting creates a different kind of environment and ambiance. You definitely must pay attention in selecting the lighting for all your rooms.

Now, let’s do a checking based on the furnitures stated above. Are you planning on buying those stated as above? If that’s the case, that’s good. However, there are still other furniture Malaysia that you may consider buying to enhance your house’s ambiance, if you still have the budget to invest on.

Last but not least, we as a furniture Malaysia provider offers you a wide variety of furniture Malaysia designs that you can browse through this website. Feel free to contact us for more information. You can also seek some advice from us if you need extra help in choosing the suitable furniture for your abode.