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Types of Lighting Fixtures Malaysia

Lighting fixtures or also known as luminaries come in a wide variety of designs and concepts. They are build up by hand to create a decorative and formidable design. These lighting fixtures are important in any residential space as it helps in creating the right mood and adjusting the ambience of the interior spaces.

In the lighting department, a different type of fixtures serves the best functionality in different space. However, it is important to understand the function of each type of lighting fixtures and the importance of complimenting the theme of the space.

However, do know that the general purpose of lighting is to illuminate the space from within besides performing as the first layer of a modern interior design.

This article will help to identify the different lighting fixtures available in the Malaysian market and guide you in the selection of lighting.

Ceiling fixture is usually placed and hanged at the center of a room or above a kitchen table to act as a primary lighting that projects light equally all over the area.

The flush-mount ceiling light is a fixture with glass or diffuser that is attached to the ceiling. However, it can also be used as a semi-flush mount or close-to-ceiling fixture that projects light from a bowl that hangs out a few inches away and reflects light indirectly.

This fixture is commonly used for formal dining tables or dining rooms. It is also known as chain-hung or suspension fixture that floats in the air. The glamorous, attractive and novelty fixture gives out a nice cozy environment.

In addition, this fixture uses up more space than a ceiling fixture as it contains two or more arms with uplights and downlights.

These pendant lights are used as decorative fixtures. They are usually placed up in the air from the ceiling and gives out general lighting or task lighting.

This decorative piece is normally placed within a spacious area or open counters where conversations or engagements often happens.

Pendants usually create an attractive ambiance that gives out a delightful environment which matches the theme of the place or furniture.

Wall lights is known as wall-mounted fixtures which take form of candle holders, or also known as sconces.

Wall lights have a wide variety of designs to accommodate different living space themes and styles. Not only that, wall lights are great in emphasizing certain parts of the room without overusing electricity. Despite that, wall lights also aid in giving a decorative backsplash and creating a focal point.

In a workplace or a study room, table lamp is crucial. It is important to have a good desk lamp to light up the workplace or a study desk with sufficient light.

In the Malaysian market, there are many unique and fresh designs featured set are available for everyone. Table lamps can light up a space without affecting one’s eyes from straining.

In fact, a desk lamp is convenient as it is portable from place to place where it gives the opportunity for individuals to use it wherever they want.

To choose the best lighting that at the same time is attractive, high-quality and unique, it is important to put the theme, style, design and the amount of illumination needed for the place into consideration.

On top of that, selecting the suitable lighting fixture ultimately depends on certain elements within the space. The fixture must compliment with the environment and the ambiance of the space such as modern, traditional or minimalist.

There are many types of lighting fixture that can provide light while serving a decorating purpose.

In the Malaysian market, there are extensive options in designs and structures for customers to choose from. In fact, the market also offers unique fixtures that not only can provide excellent light projection, but projects colourful shapes and designs to jazz up the space.

The Lightning Supplier & Lightning Shop in Malaysia

If you need to see the wide variation of light fixtures personally; you can walk-in to any lighting shop or lighting supplier in Malaysia to physically involved in feeling the ambience and the environment. If there are any issues regarding in picking the right lighting fixtures, feel free to CONTACT US.