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For Designers

Entering a design

What type of designs can I submit?

We want you to submit your best and most creative design ideas, no matter how quirky or out-there they seem.

As a guide, designers can upload anything that falls within the general product types that we sell on currently. So, furniture, home accessories, tabletop and kitchenware, bathroom accessories and textiles, as well as our soon-to-be-launched lifestyle items and gifts such as bags, games, and sports equipment.

Are there any limitations, for example does my design have to be at prototype stage?

Not at all. A render, detailed drawing or photograph will work.

How many products can I enter?

As many as you like!

Can I upload a video to demonstrate how my product works?

We don’t have the functionality to allow you to show off your product via video at the moment. We’ll let you know if this changes.

What are tags for, and can I add my own unique tags?

Tags help you to categorise your design, and will help shoppers to browse more easily, as they will be able to filter by each tag.

Currently you can’t create your own bespoke tags, so please choose from the selection provided.

What does it mean when someone ‘likes’ my product?

Great! People like your design. Getting a like is not related to the backing process, however, it may help determine whether your design gets shortlisted at the curation stage.

How long will my design be on the TL platform for?

Your design stays on the site until you remove it. It’s easy to remove or delete your product if you want to. Log in to your account and click ‘delete’ next to the project you’d like to remove.

Can I save my entry as a draft and edit it later?

Currently we don’t have a ‘save as draft’ feature on TalentLAB. We’re working on this so that you will be able to save your entry and come back to it for more editing before you submit.

For now, after you’ve published your entry you can still go back and edit any details.

What are the benefits of submitting a design?

If your design gets selected and backed, you’ll be working with the design team just as any regular designer already on our books does. You will go through the product development process with our design team, and have the opportunity to have your piece produced by our tried-and-trusted manufacture partners if your product makes it to the production stage.

As a design-focused business, we have an established customer base of design-savvy consumers who are hungry for the next new thing in design. Being a part of TalentLAB at any stage means you will be in a unique position to have your work viewed and purchased by this customer base.

Another advantage is that anyone, so long as they can represent their idea visually, can submit a design. You don’t have to be a trained designer to get a product made by us and sold on the Moredesign site.

The selection process

How does Moredesign curate the products on TalentLAB?

Every two months the design team at Moredesign will curate a selection of around 20 – 30 designs. This will be done by the in-house team, alongside guest curators.

What happens if my design gets shortlisted?

Good work.

If your design makes it to the curated collection round, we’ll get in touch with you (so make sure your email address is entered correctly!). We’ll ask you to sign a contract and submit technical drawings for your piece at this stage. From there, your product will move on to the sample stage where we’ll ask a trusted supplier to create a prototype. This will then be photographed and added to the site for potential customers to back.

What’s the timescale of the whole process, once I’ve submitted my design?

Design submissions are ongoing and you can submit your idea at anytime. There’s no deadline. But here’s a timeline of what to expect once you’ve submitted.

1. Collection curated

Every two months a new collection is curated and launched on TalentLAB from the design submissions entered. Before a collection is launched, products will go through a sample stage, working with our trusted suppliers. During this time designers will also be onboarded to sign contracts and submit technical drawings.

2. Funding period opens

Next, the collection is open for funding for two months, where backers will put down a small refundable deposit to support their favourite designs.

3. Complete purchase

If the product is successful at the end of the funding period, then the backer will be given the option to pay the remainder and buy the product at a 30% discount. If not successful, the deposit will be automatically refunded.

4. Production period

The successful product will then go into manufacture and will take 8-12 weeks to produce.

5. Product is available to buy on

6. Product is delivered to TalentLAB customers

Dispatch & delivery can take up to 7 weeks.

Who are the judges?

Our judges include Design Team and Director at Moredesign, and her team. From time to time we’ll bring in guest experts to curate the collections.

Does Moredesign own the rights to my product design?

If your product makes it to the shortlisted stage, you’ll be asked to sign a contract. You will retain the IP of your piece. The contract gives Moredesign exclusive license of the IP but we do not own it. If the product doesn’t get the number of backers needed to make it to prototype stage, the contract will cease on both sides and you’re free to use your design as you like.

What if my design gets copied? How do I report it?

If you notice that your design has been copied on TalentLAB or another platform, contact

What’s my role in the process if my design gets shortlisted?

Our buying team and suppliers will work to develop a sample of your product, to be signed off by you. It will then be photographed and uploaded to the TalentLAB platform, as part of the curated collection.

Am I expected to manufacture the product?

No. Moredesign will manufacture the product, and you’ll get a share of the royalties. There will be more information you receive if your product gets shortlisted.

How do royalties work? What percentage does Moredesign take?

You’ll receive the same royalties as any designer we’re already working with at This means you will be paid a percentage of the net sales price of each product sold and delivered.

Who determines pricing?

The selling price of your product is determined in exactly the same way we price all of our products on Your product gets sampled and quoted by our supplier which determines the sales price.

The people who show their interest in your product at the backing stage will receive a 30% discount if they go on to buy the product when it goes into full production. So it pays to be an early bird on TalentLAB.

How do I get paid?

There is a review period every six months, where the designer will be paid. Moredesign will issue the designer a royalty statement within 30 days after each review period. The designer will invoice Moredesign for the royalties as shown on the statement. Moredesign will pay the invoice within 30 days of receipt of the valid invoice from the designer.

How are the deposits paid by customers used? Does this go towards the product manufacturing process, or sent directly to the designer?

Designers will be paid royalties on the sales value of each item sold, the same as all of our existing design collaborators. The money paid as a deposit is an expression of interest – it’s fully refundable if a customer decides not to buy in the end. If they do, this will be credited against the buying price when they purchase the item.

For Backers

Deposits & purchasing products

Who is a backer?

A backer is anyone who wants to support a design. Find a design you love and pay a small deposit to show your support. If the design reaches its backing target, Moredesign will put it into production – and you’ll be the proud owner of a design you helped bring to life.

What are the benefits of being a backer?

Be the first to own a unique design. Support a new designer. Get a 30% discount on the full product price. See product go from concept to creation and be an active part of this process!

How do deposits work?

Every two months, Moredesign curates a collection of around 20 – 30 products. Once a design is shortlisted, you can pay a deposit on your favourites. Deposits are risk-free: you put down a small, refundable amount (depending on the product’s price). If the product reaches the required number of backers, then Moredesign commits to producing the piece. We’ll then ask you if you want to pay the outstanding balance and be one of the first to receive this brand new design.

What happens after I pay a deposit?

We’ll email you if the product is fully funded or if it fails to meet the required number of backers. If the product is successful, we’ll ask if you want to pay the outstanding amount (remember, you get a 30% discount for being a backer). If the product is unsuccessful, we’ll automatically refund your deposit.

How long will it take for me to receive my product once I’ve paid in full?

Approx 3 to 4 months. We’ll be in touch along the way to keep you updated on your product’s progress.